Before you register an account on the Website and become a Client of the Сompany, you must read and accept all the terms and conditions set out in this User Agreement. User Agreement considers the rules and terms of service offered by the MiningEvolution Company. 

User Agreement

1.1 Before using the website, the Investor should read this User Agreement and make sure that the meaning of all its parts is completely clear to him. 
1.2 This user agreement governs the relationship between the investment website (here in after referred to as “the Company”) and the user (hereinafter referred to as “the Investor”).
1.3 The Company reserves the right to make changes to the User Agreement, and the Company undertakes to notify in any convenient for it way the Investor in advance about such changes.

Parties to the Agreement, Responsibility

2.1 The User who has registered and confirmed his agreement with the User Agreement acquires the status of “Investor”. 
2.2 The User confirms that, by registering on the website, he is fully conscious and gives an account of his actions.
2.3 The User guarantees the Company that he has reached the age of majority.
2.4 The Company provides uninterrupted access to the website. In cases of technical work and planned server outages, depending on the circumstances of the Company, the Company should notify in advance the Investor in any convenient for it way.
2.5 The Company undertakes not to provide information about the Investors of the website to third parties.
2.6 The Company undertakes to comply with all necessary measures for the safe storage of personal data of Investors. 
2.7 The Company does not guarantee protection from the Investor’s losses of money when using the website 
2.8 The Company assumes the responsibility to manage investments at its own discretion, while respecting the interests of the Investor under the Company's investment proposals. 
2.9 The Investor performs all operations on the website at his own discretion and risk, and is aware of the responsibility for all the actions performed. 

Personal account

3.1 Investor registered on the website guarantees safe data storage in complete confidentiality. 
3.2 The Company is not responsible for errors in the Investor’s personal data that were made by the Investor through negligence. In the event of an error in the payment details, the Investor is obliged to contact the Company's support service.
3.3 The User is obliged to use current and valid e-mail data, as well as relevant data of electronic payment systems.
3.4 The Company allows the Investor to create more than one account.
3.5 The Company is not responsible for technical failures when making transactions on the site, which happened on the side of electronic payment systems or the Internet provider.
3.6 The Company processes all payments manually. 
3.7 The Company withdraws the deposit, interest and referral fees to the electronic payment system with which the deposit was made. 
3.8 The Investor has the full right to enter his personal account at any time, create a deposit, create a request for withdrawal of interest, create a request for withdrawal of a deposit, create a request for withdrawal of referral rewards. 
3.9 The Investor guarantees that the funds used by him for investing on the website are his personal funds. 

Referral system

4.1 The Investor will be credited with referral rewards for each deposit made by participants registered through his referral link. 
4.2 The Company provides a single-level referral program for the Investors.
4.3 Referral link is available immediately after registration to each Investor.
4.4 The Investor has the right to change his upline sponsor, for this the Investor needs to contact the Company's support service, indicating the reason for the change of the sponsor.
4.5 To attract additional participants to the Company, the Investor has opportunity to use a variety of promotional products in his personal account.

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